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Shamus Plays WoW #6: Overwhelmed by Kobolds

Shamus Young | 1 Dec 2010 13:00
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"What? You're taking me to the Mage Quarter now? You think your amusing Mages can overpower the demonic realms with a couple of fireballs and some summoned water?"

"I'm going to the Warlock expert here in town. Maybe he knows what's going on."

I let out a long sigh. When the smoke clears, I tell Norman, "Okay. Fine. Here's the deal: I'm from the Department of Infernal Damnation. I'm your assigned caseworker. No matter what you do, I'm the only demon you're ever going to be able to summon."


"Because you're trying to use demon powers to serve the Lighttm. Maybe it didn't occur to you that the Demonic Review Board might not appreciate that? You're a priority case, and that's why I got the job of orchestrating your downfall."

"So what if I don't turn to evil?"

"Then that's my ass. I'll be demoted and spend the next couple thousand years filing paperwork and getting coffee for the important demons. Metaphorically."


"So all I have to do is dismiss you and never call you again, and I'm safe?"

"You could do that, but you won't. You need me. You never would have gotten this far without my help. What are you going to do? Abandon your country in their hour of need because of your selfish concern over your own soul?"

"You don't get it. If I turned to evil, mother would kill me."

"If you're more afraid of your mother than demons, then your mother was either very bad, or very awesome."

"I'm getting rid of you."

"I'll be on call. Just remember me when things go sideways."

"Never! Begone!"


Crap. Banished. Ah well, he'll be back. Oh yeah. He'll be back.


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