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Shoot Club
Radio Shoot Club, Part Two

Tom Chick | 12 Jul 2007 21:00
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_: This whole time? When did you start back up?


TREVOR: I can't hear that dude. Are you saying none of the Top Ten List was in there?

_: He said we should just go ahead. We can do a pick up session another time if we have to.

DOUGLAS: I'm back. What did I miss?

TREVOR: They didn't have diet?

DOUGLAS: You didn't say diet.

TREVOR: I did. I said diet. I always drink diet. You heard me say diet, right?

_: Can we not leave while we're recording?

DOUGLAS: He was doing the Top Ten List. I don't need to be here for that, do I?

_: We finished it. We also already did Harry Potter.

DOUGLAS: I didn't play that. It's for kids.

TREVOR: What took you so long?

DOUGLAS: I was showing Denise my iPhone.

TREVOR: Denise?

DOUGLAS: The receptionist.

TREVOR: I bet you were showing her your iPhone.

DOUGLAS: Check it out.

TREVOR: Whose number is that?

DOUGLAS: Who do you think?

TREVOR: You should put her name on it. Want me to do it for you?

DOUGLAS: I can do it. I didn't have time before. I was pretending to show her how my iPhone works and I was all, Hey, want to hear a cool ring tone? Call my cell real quick. Can you believe she fell for that one?

_ Okay, let's just keep going. We can edit all this out.

DOUGLAS: We're live? Oh (EXPLETIVE DELETED), can she hear this out there?

TREVOR: And now Douglas with the news.

DOUGLAS: Seriously, you guys, you need to tell me when we're recording. There should be like a red light over the door.

_: There is. It's that sign that lights up that says recording.

DOUGLAS: Man, if I get burned, I'm so blaming you (EXPLETIVE DELETED). Okay, on to the news. This group called the NPD just put out -

_: Those are the folks who do the sales lists. Top selling games.

DOUGLAS: Yeah, those guys. They just put out a report that says that heavy gamers are a minority of people who play games, but they spend a lot more money than normal people and they buy 4.6 games a month. So, that's heavy gamers.

TREVOR: What does that have to do with anything?

DOUGLAS: You know it's true, fat boy.

TREVOR: Why are they breaking it down like that? I don't see what it matters.

_: I don't think that's-

DOUGLAS: You're in your own group now, dude. Heavy gamers. That's you.

TREVOR: That's total bull. Do they make lists of tall gamers? Black gamers?

DOUGLAS: I'm in the svelte gamers group.

TREVOR: That's totally discrimination.

_: I don't think that's what that means, Douglas. The report said -

DOUGLAS: You can read it for yourself if you don't believe me.

TREVOR: That's bull. That doesn't have anything to do with anything. Plus, I've lost, like, ten pounds and you guys didn't even say anything.

DOUGLAS: This week at E3-

_: We're doing all that in next week's show. That'll be our E3 podcast.

DOUGLAS: Oh. Well, then, I don't have anything else.

_: Okay, so much for the news.

DOUGLAS: And that's the news. Until next time, play hard, and have fun.

_: Now on to This Week in Games. Trevor, what are you playing?

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