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Radio Shoot Club, Part Two

Tom Chick | 12 Jul 2007 21:00
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TREVOR: Are we done making fun of my weight? You guys are so immature. It's not like I make fun of your, your, I don't make fun of your-

DOUGLAS: What? Make fun of my what? Go ahead, what do you not make fun of?

TREVOR: Your, your, those little wrinkles at the sides of your eyes. Your crow's feet. I don't make fun of those, but I might as well start. Crowfoot. So should I just start at the top of this list you gave us?

_: Sure, just start at the top.

TREVOR: Well, these are in alphabetical order. We might want to mix it up a little. Also, shouldn't The Darkness be under D? If we're going to use the, everything's going to be in the T's.

DOUGLAS: No they're not. How many games start with the?

TREVOR: Lots of them do, Crowfoot. The Sims. The God of War. The World of Warcraft. In fact, pretty much any game.

DOUGLAS: Is that true? Did he say those right?

_: I don't think that's right. You don't say The Command & Conquer 3, for instance.

TREVOR: Oh, so you come up with one example.

_: You don't say The Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

TREVOR: Uh, yes you do. How many Tomb Raiders are there? One. Lara Croft. The Tomb Raider. But that's already under T, so it's not a good example.

_: Okay, so we'll start with The Darkness then.

TREVOR: Combat Mission. That's still before Darkness.

_: Okay, Combat Mission: Shock Force. What did you guys think?


_: Does that mean you didn't play it?

TREVOR: I don't really do wargames.

DOUGLAS: I didn't like it.

_: Did you play it?

DOUGLAS: Not really, but I can tell I wouldn't like it. The graphics sucked. Even for a wargame.

_: Well, it's not really a wargame. It's more like a turn-based RTS. But okay, we'll skip that one and go straight to The Darkness. What did you guys think of that one?

TREVOR: Awesome

DOUGLAS: It was really fun.

_: I didn't really like it.

DOUGLAS: No, no, it's great. Really cool. Really fun. Immersive world. You can, like, rip out people's hearts. Not many games do that.

TREVOR: Mortal Kombat.

DOUGLAS: Okay, what's next? Grim Grimoire.

_: We're done with The Darkness?

DOUGLAS: Well, we liked it, you didn't. Enough said. Grim Grimoire.

TREVOR: Didn't like it.

DOUGLAS: Didn't like it. Too Japanese.

TREVOR: Way too Japanese.

_: I liked it.

TREVOR: Overlord?

_: I really liked it.

DOUGLAS: Didn't like it.

TREVOR: Didn't like it.

_: Did you guys even play far enough to get the red minions?

DOUGLAS: Those goblin things? There are red ones?

TREVOR: What do they do?

_: They, like, throw fire. There are also green and blue minions. There are lots of battles and puzzle type challenges later in the game.

TREVOR: I don't like it. Sounds like a rip-off of Pikmin.

DOUGLAS: What's Pikmin?

TREVOR: Nintendo. You wouldn't like it.

DOUGLAS: Oh, okay. Next. Pokemon Battle Revolutions. Are you (EXPLETIVE DELETED) kidding me. Next.

_: We're done with Overlord?

TREVOR: We're moving on to Pokemon Battle Revolutions. I liked it.

DOUGLAS: I didn't like it.

TREVOR: Okay, next.

_: Wait, aren't we going to talk about these games?

TREVOR: We are talking about these games. Next. Raw Danger.

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