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Shoot Club: Shot Club, Part Two

Tom Chick | 9 Aug 2007 21:00
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"It might have worked on someone else," he added to make me feel better. "But I figured out what you did and then just switched disks back."

"Oh, so this is GRAW 2?"


Which pretty much proved my point. I didn't even realize that Trevor hadn't fallen for the trick. Trevor downed another half dozen Mexicans before asking, "So is this gun porn?"

I considered it for a moment.


"Why not? Why is this not gun porn? Look at that. Look at my big fat gun." For show, he reloaded his Generic Near-Future-ish Assault Rifle (or GenN-FAR), wasting a clip in the process. If there was one thing GRAW did right, it was keeping track of clips instead of presenting ammo as a pool of bullets. We would appreciate this a few days later, after bruising our soft gamer thumbs struggling to push rounds into their clips.

"This is ambush porn. Half way between a tactical shooter and a Splinter Cell game. You creep around and kill one or two guys at a time. Everything else is pretty much in service to that. Advanced Warfighter fetishizes creeping around and killing one or two guys at a time. It's not about shootouts, it's not about running and gunning, and it's not even about managing your teammates, although it would have you think it's about that. But it's not. It's about getting the drop on bad guys and shooting them. Ergo, ambush porn."

"Did you write that in your review? That sounds like something you'd write." Two more Mexicans down.

"But gun porn is a game where the gun is given more attention than any other element. Where it takes center stage to the exclusion of all else. The gun is regarded with a sort of fetishistic awe. There will usually be slow motion or extreme close ups. The Darkness isn't gun porn, but those cutscenes during the loading, where the guy is standing in a spotlight caressing his guns, those are definitely gun porn. I'd say Max Payne is maybe gun porn."

"Is Rainbow Six: Vegas gun porn?"

"Close. It's gunfire porn."

"Gunfire porn? That makes no sense."

"It's about the act of shooting, instead of the guns themselves. It's about interacting with the environment to deliver gunfire and avoid incoming gunfire. It's the best shooter about shooting since Vietcong. Gunfire porn. It's a subtle but important distinction."

"No way. Gears of War does the same thing, but better."

"Gears of War is space marine porn, just like Doom III is space dungeon porn. They should be a double feature."

"Is Painkiller gun porn?"

"It's monster porn."


"Okay, maybe horror meme porn would be a better way to say it."

"I liked monster porn better. You make it sound like all games are porn."

"Most games are, of some sort or another."

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