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Shoot Club: The Quake Wars Wars, Part Four

Tom Chick | 25 Oct 2007 17:00
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"I'm thinking of working for my Exemplary Combat Medal in Warhawk, but I can't make Command Sergeant until I get my Aerial Gunnery Ribbon. And I don't have that yet because I've been working on my Swarm Missile Badge, of course. Aerial Gunnery, of course, you have to use machine guns instead of the Swarm Missiles. It's an either/or thing. But, duh, I'm just explaining the obvious."

I have no idea what Trevor is talking about. "You're playing Warhawk still? I thought you were busy playing Battlefield 2142 the other day?" I had called Trevor to see if he wanted to help me set up Quake Wars. "I'm playing Battlefield 2142," he had said, "I'm in a Titan on defense. Gotta go!"

"Jesus, don't get me started on that one," Trevor says, shaking his head. "Rainbow Six Vegas nearly killed me trying to rank up to Captain to unlock the Desert Eagle. It's like that all over again with Battlefield now. I've been out of practice, so I'm having a hard time meeting the IAR requirements."

"IAR requirements?"

"Yeah, that means "in a round". Like, for a Gold Recon Service Badge, you have to get so many kills overall while you've got a recon kit. That's your global requirement. But then you have to get a certain number of kills in one match. That's your IAR. So any dumbass who plays long enough can meet the global requirement."

"But it takes a special kind of dumbass to meet the IAR requirement," Douglas says.

"A skilled one," Trevor says, not missing a beat.

"So you're working on your Gold Recon Badge thingie in Battlefield 2142? Well, good luck. Okay, how about another round of Quake Wars?" Why doesn't everyone want to play what I want to play?

"Gold Recon Service Badge? Ha, that's funny. No, no, I have a life. I'm nowhere near Gold. I still just have Bronze for Recon Service. But that's just donkey work. My time is too important to me, so I'm aiming higher. I'm working on my Distinguished Unit Service Ribbon, but I still need about three hours as a commander. And that's hard, you know. You have to be voted in to log commander hours. It's like a popularity contest."

"So just three more hours. Huh. So, new server?"

"Three more hours as Commander. That's not going to be easy. It's going to take laying some groundwork, maybe getting in with a clan, earning their trust, and explaining that I'm going for my DUS Ribbon and that I need their support. Then we move in on a server and they help me get elected. But I've logged my twenty squad hours already. And then some. So anyway, the point of all this is, if I'm going to play Quake Wars with you guys, it's sort of a waste of time unless I'm working on my stats."

"I guess this is why you haven't been playing a lot of World of Warcraft anymore," Peter says. He's one of those guys who's always playing World of Warcraft, to some degree or another. Even when he claims he's quit playing, he's still logging in once a day just to check the auction house.

"Yeah, I just decided I'm not into MMOs anymore. I was tired of grinding, so I decided to play more shooters."

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