What's Actually Good (In Comics)

What's Actually Good (In Comics)
What's Actually Good (In Comics) #4

Dominic Davies | 14 Feb 2008 21:00
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Big, huge mega-events from either publisher are generally not the reality-warping, internet-exploding, mind-boggling tales of drama, mystery and suspense they are usually made out to be. I have developed a hard skin and fine cynicism toward them, and tend to roll my eyes more than I experience them popping out of my skull when one makes an appearance. So imagine my surprise when I find myself actually looking forward to Brian Michael Bendis’ Secret Invasion.

In my eyes, the key to a big event is to keep it small or contained. Sounds odd, I know. But if an event is contained, you have less chance of continuity fuck-ups and better structured stories. It’s awful having to buy a book you wouldn’t normally touch to get the entirety of an event.

This is a lesson Marvel has learned. We have an idea of exactly which books shall be tying in with Secret Invasion, and the list is not huge. In fact, Bendis insists that reading all the books up to the miniseries itself is not necessary (although New and Mighty Avengers are both great).

In an earlier interview, the most exciting thing I found was Bendis saying these few words: “I’ve planned this for years.” Going into these things without a clear idea of how it will end is almost always revealed in the quality of the work, and the story of Joss Whedon swooping in to save the day when the writers were working out how Civil War should climax is a good example of what I think shouldn’t happen. Bendis has a plan; it will be the culmination of all his stories from Disassembled and Secret War, right through his Avengers run.

The story goes that certain members of the Marvel universe are in fact Skrulls - that is, shape-shifting aliens that more than once have attempted to invade Earth. The difference now is they are also perfectly mimicking powers of the people they are replacing, and have seemingly been working for a long time to infiltrate both the heroes of Earth and the governments, including super spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D. What Secret Invasion will see is the Skrulls making their final move against Earth and her heroes. The heroes don’t know who is a Skrull and who they can trust. As the story progresses and the Skrulls make themselves known, we will see exactly how they infiltrated the group and what their grand plans are for Earth.

The artwork will be supplied by Leinel Yu, who recently finished his run on New Avengers superbly. His pencils are crisp but at the same time harsh and have an almost savage quality. In the larger fights, his panels are a wonderful mess of heroes, villains and violence brought forward with vibrant colors from McCaig. Hopefully this team sticks together for Invasion.

Secret Invasion hits stores April 2. Check it out. Ten dollars and a pizza says Jarvis is a Skrull.

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