What's Actually Good (In Comics)

What's Actually Good (In Comics)
What's Actually Good (In Comics) #4

Dominic Davies | 14 Feb 2008 21:00
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In other news, a graphic novel has been introduced into German schools to help teach the kiddies about Hitler and the Holocaust. The move has largely been well received, as it was documented that your average German teenager knows next to squat about what actually went on around World War II. Comic books being used as an educational tool? Sounds like a great idea to me.

I’m not a fan of this stuff usually, but the news that there is a Manga-style retelling of the Bible portraying Jesus as a superhero piqued my interest. The Manga Bible is supposedly unique because it’s an action-packed retelling of the Bible as opposed to a straight, uh, port. The website is here, if you are interested, and has all the books broken down into New Testament and Old.

This issue’s award for worse piece of dialog in a comic book comes from Superman Prime in Countdown No. 13 for this little ditty: “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you to death!” In a completely serious, non–sarcastic, non-ironic way. Just as the issue numbers are in descending order downward to Final Crisis, Countdown still manages to lower the bar.

Old school LucasArts and comic fans alike will be pleased to hear that the original Sam and Max comics are being reprinted. The comic series that was first published in 1987 and spawned the games should be available for purchase in late February.

Stick around next week for a review of Hickman’s stunning Pax Romana and exactly why I am looking forward to DC’s Trinity. Yes, not a single Marvel book. Amazing, I know.

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