What's Actually Good (In Comics)

What's Actually Good (In Comics)
What's Actually Good (In Comics) #6

Dominic Davies | 13 Mar 2008 21:00
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Brian is, in my opinion, the most modern writer in the business. He structures his scripts perfectly, able to create a compelling pace that keeps the narrative flowing well. His cliff-hangers (especially if you have read Y: The Last Man) are legendary, and character work specifically with fun, punchy dialog makes for entertaining reading. This is found in Logan; the book instantly grabs your attention from the start and holds it with a brilliant hook at the end. It's no coincidence that Vaughan is helping with the writing duties on the current season of Lost. He knows how to tell a story.

Risso is most famous (and justifiably so) for his work on Vertigo's epic crime extravaganza 100 Bullets with Brian Azzarello, but he's no stranger to superheroes, with a short, sharp stint on Batman a few years back. He lends all his talents to this new book, producing some gorgeous art. His use of shadow, most noticeably around the face, lends beautifully to this book, just as it did to Batman and 100 Bullets. He uses the darkness to highlight a specific feature, like a menacing smile or grim eyes, giving us not only a pretty picture but also a deeper look into the character itself.

Vaughan and Risso have, in Logan, finally given us a piece of Wolverine back-story that we can all enjoy. Not only because it adds another piece to the convoluted puzzle that is the character's life, but also because of the superior quality of the storytelling.

The next issue is due on April 2. If you are looking for a Wolverine book far above and beyond the usual Dirty Harry cliché, then check it out.


In other news:

  • A columnist for the Denver Post recently wrote this piece articulating his dissatisfaction with the modern superhero. He argues that the heroic characteristics that made the original heroes, such as Captain America and Superman, great are sadly no longer held in such high regard as they originally were. I happen to agree on some points; check it out.
  • In keeping with the column, you might like to know that this year is Superman's 70th birthday. While some people are still unsure of his actual date of birth, 70 years of being the archetypal perfect hero is no small achievement. Happy birthday Kal-El. Go read Alan Moore's For the Man who has Everything in celebration.
  • Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort recently revealed to us in his blog that there were plans for Brian K. Vaughan's Hood to be killed off in a Punisher mini. Thank heavens that never went ahead. The Hood has come a long way since that mini now appearing in Beyond, New Avengers and Daredevil as a great character and a major villain (head of a crime syndicate, no less) in his own right. Keep an eye out for him.
  • There is an actual, real, Australian superhero group out there trying to fight the good fight. Never, ever, have I been more proud to be an Aussie. They can be found here and they also have an ad that aired on my local TV station here. Keep at it, boys. I'll be keeping an eye out for other "real" superhero groups across the world, so if you have a group that you think deserves notice, let me know.


Coming Soon in "What's Actually Good":

  • Wedding bells! Brian Michael Bendis and Geoff Johns finally tie the knot. Is this the end of the Great War or a sign of the coming comicalypse? You decide.
  • I host an entirely fictitious interview with Wonder-Woman-to-be actress/model Megan Gale within my mind. I fantasize that it goes swimmingly at first with some hard-hitting and poignant questions which she skilfully deflects before wasting the rest of our time together discussing her boyfriend, Andy Lee.
  • I actually do take a look back on the past year we have had with Joss Whedon's Buffy Season 8 and look forward to Geoff John's Green Lantern event-to-come, The Blackest Night.

See you in two weeks!

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