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For Your Consideration: Toy Story 3

Elizabeth Grunewald | 5 Jan 2011 20:15
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Above all, Toy Story 3 is an honest piece of filmmaking. There's a supposition that only brooding dramas can be honest, and that happy films, let alone animated ones, can't say anything real about the human condition. That supposition is dead wrong. Toy Story 3 reminds us that we all begin our lives as children, and then we grow up. We're always changing and growing, and we never really stop; life is always about growing up. You're never fully "grown up" until you're dead. Pixar gets this. None of us are grown-ups, really, and Toy Story 3 speaks to the growing up we've done, and the changes we have yet to undergo.
I could go through this film scene by scene, analyzing the moments that elevate it beyond most movies I've seen, but the end would be the same: This is a truly great film.

Okay, people to whom I will no longer speak until they've seen this movie. It's safe.

There's not much to do at this point. Disney/Pixar is lobbying as hard as the Academy's rules allow. Polls for nominations will close on January 14th, and nominations will be announced on the 25th. Until then, I'm just going to cross my fingers and wish on a star, like I did when I was a little girl, that the Academy can recognize such a transformative piece of cinema when they see it, and sidestep its prejudices about the medium. The Academy members, however ancient they may be, aren't grown-ups yet, and I hope they allow Pixar to remind them of that.

See this movie, if you haven't. Once I'm speaking to you again, let's have a not-yet-grown-up conversation.

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