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ReCape: “Kozmo”

Elizabeth Grunewald | 18 Jan 2011 22:30
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Max doesn't have much time to bandy one-liners about, though - he's got a show to do! As he puts on his red ringleader coat, he mutters "The show must go on... but the gut must come off." As he struggles to button the coat, we catch an ominous glimpse of Gregor in a mirror.

In the center ring, the show's getting ready to start. Max's face is obscured by his top hat, but as he tilts up his head, we see it's not Max, it's Gregor! Oh, noes! Gregor the Great begins to introduce his version of the circus, which involves the tiger tamers being gobbled up by their own tiger, "morsel by morsel." The evening will be capped off by the death of Max Malini, and our garrulous leader is seen suspended in a water torture cell. The audience is cheering and clapping, which is scarier than both these predicaments combined. (My notes: "DUMBASS crowd cheering all of this.")

"Where is a hero when you need one?" cries Gregor, and right on cue, The Cape swings in. He goes to rescue Max, but instead of running to the cell and pushing it over, he grabs the cell with the cape and pulls. Really? That was easier and more efficient than just pushing it over to spill the water out? Either way, Max is now free -- mostly drowned, but free. Gregor snaps the cape off Vince's back, and renounces the name Gregor the Great, rechristening himself Kozmo.

He snaps Orwell up in the arm of his cape, and pulls her closely to him, taunting that no one will miss her when she's dead. He knows, after all: He read it in her palm. The Cape jumps down behind him, asking, "Do you ever shut up?" (Still need to work on that fight-based banter, huh, Vince?) Kozmo redirects the cape to entwine Vince, talking about his control of the fabric in a weirdly sensual way. The cape is an extension of his body, constricting like a muscle, tightening... "This is how a snake eats." The biology lesson isn't over, though; Vince gets the upper hand with the cape and the tables turn, prompting him to ask, "What happens when the snake swallows his own tail?" Is a snake that dumb, or is it just Vince?

The Cape leaves Gregor/Kozmo alive, but the temptation to end it is there. Explore this more, NBC.

The episode's villain defeated, Vince and Orwell leave the circus tent together.


Orwell's at the freight yard, taking photos as ARK cops round up any and every bum who may have witnessed Vince's framing. Vince asks to take some himself, and snaps a few photos, including some of his old vanity-plated pal Phillips.

Marty gives Dana a call, and for once, Dana is allowed to be perfectly upright in a shot. No crazy camera angles, hooray! He says they found no one at the freight yard, no evidence of anything, and caps it off with an insincere apology. As she hangs up, someone slips a manila envelope under Dana's office door. Inside are photos from the freight yard and a note: "'Don't lose hope...never lose hope.'" Thanks, mystery photographer, but some of these are sort of blurry. Way to go.

Trip's at home, working his little fists into a punching bag and wearing his dad's old fatigues. The Cape shows up, compliments the kid's hook, then says with great solemnity, "I know things, Trip." Poor Trip tells him of his troubles at school, saying, "They call me the son of Chess." (Who are these kids? What kid talks like that? Sheesh.) The Cape bounces all over in the ensuing conversation: "You know, in my comics, I lost my family," and "You know The Cape motto: One man, one fight, one right," and "Your dad didn't get those medals for valor, he got them for keeping his cool." Trip looks down at said medals to process this one, but the enigmatic Cape has already disappeared by the time he looks back up.

Across town, Peter Fleming is looking at the little wooden chest, which is obviously a music box. Just open it already, would you? Thanks. The ballerina inside has dark hair and a white tutu, and is spinning the way music box ballerinas do. Then we see Orwell, dressed in white, up in the aerial silk at the circus, spinning. (From my notes: "Orwell, all in white! Dark hair! Spinning on fabric! Hot damn!") Quelle surprise, right? Fleming smiles and shuts his music box, and so ends episode 3 of The Cape.

Stick with it, though, because next week Rollo's gonna rob a train, and there's a costume party, and The Cape tells Peter Fleming, "I'm gonna end you." Woo-hoo!

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