The Cape tells how Faraday the cop was framed, summing up his story by saying, "they made him look like Lincoln's assassin." Sure they did. Sic semper tyrannis. He then drops a big plot point about tonight's Masquerade on a Train Fundraiser to Which Scales Was Not Invited But Due to A Pretty Obvious Inferiority Complex He'll Be So Offended By The Snub He'll Practically Beg to Crash the Party, then disappears into a puff of smoke.


Peter Fleming is surrounded by photographers, eager to capture the image of him in a snowy white cowboy costume that only serves to make his ears look big. Vince is watching from above in his Bum costume (ratty hoodie, beat up ball cap) at the guests assembling below. Looks like everyone shopped at that incredible costume shop only available in the magical land of movies and television, because everyone looks picture-perfect. Vince spies a man in a bobby costume holding his daughter (at least one hopes), and the cop-and-kid image strikes a chord deep within him, strong enough to set off a flashback.

We're looking at Trip in the classroom, and hearing his teacher announce, "Today's birthday guest is Trip Faraday's father, Detective Vincent Faraday, of the Palm City Police Department." Did this happen to anyone in school? Parents came for career day on your birthday? Maybe Edison Elementary was just weird, because we didn't. Anyway, the kids ask Vince about his uniform, and his gun, and then Trip pipes up and asks if Vince'll catch Chess. The kids all gasp and wiggle around in their chairs to look at the brazen birthday boy, and Vince assures him he will. He gives the kids some safety tips, like don't open the door to strangers, because Chess's established MO is to enter private homes and terrorize people on a personal level.

We flash back forward into Trip's bedroom; he was remembering the same thing. He turns his eyes back to his textbook, flipping the page to see some dumb classmate has scrawled "RETURN TO MURDERURS KID." Trip's peers choose weird insults, and can't spell worth a damn.

Dana Faraday, meanwhile, is stuck in traffic and wrapping Trip's gift at the wheel in an outrageous example of distracted driving. She calls her friendly boss Travis to ask if he's still up for going over some depositions at her place tonight -- happy birthday, Trip -- and he says he's nearly at her place now. She warns him that she's stuck in horrible traffic and that her son is "super conscientious" about letting strangers into the house, so she'll call the birthday boy and smooth things over. Then her phone cuts out, so she can't call Trip! And she's still stuck in traffic! And I think that cake in the passenger seat is an ice cream cake! Disaster.

Travis arrives at the Faraday home, introduces himself through the door, and asks if Dana let the kid know he was coming over. A skeptical Trip says no, she didn't, and no, he doesn't remember Travis from the office. Travis tries wishing Trip a happy birthday, saying, "Your mom told me," but Trip will not budge: "You could have Googled me." Travis is stuck outside the locked door. Stranger danger averted!

Back at the Monte Carlo Express, Vince watched from a distance as Scales initiates a boisterous handshake with Peter Fleming, and grits through a smile, "I know you're Chess. Keep shaking my hand, or in five minutes, they will, too." Fleming weakly tries to protest that Chess is dead, but Scales isn't buying it. He demands an introduction to the Mayor, and boards the train, making sure to snag another photo op with Fleming on the way.

Vince is still watching from his perch in a nearby building, and wonders if that very short conductor looks familiar. He pulls out a telescopic device to get a better look -- yes, it's Rollo! With a gun! I don't want to be rude, but are there that many little people in Palm City that Rollo wasn't recognizable from a distance? Are you really that surprised, Vince? Surprised or no, he's peeved that his Make Scales Expose Chess plan is likely to get mucked up.

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