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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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The Last of Us

A new third-person action game with compelling characters, a post-apocalyptic premise and surprisingly shocking violence? And it's by Naughty Dog, the team behind Uncharted? Take my money. The Last of Us wowed E3 attendees with a great trailer and a gameplay demo that didn't disappoint. It's not clear whether we'll be talking about Joel and Ellie as much as we do Nathan Drake, but all signs to another solid story.

Read Steve Butts' full preview here. The Last of Us doesn't have a firm release date other than "2013" but we're excited to play the PS3 exclusive whenever it comes out.

Steve Butts: In the demo, Joel and Ellie are driving through streets crowded with abandoned vehicles when they spot a man acting hurt on the road ahead. Ellie's curious but Joel immediately suspects an ambush and guns the engine to race past the struggling survivor. It turns out Joel's suspicions were right on the money; as his truck reaches the next intersection, a group of bandits crashes an abandoned bus into Joel's truck, sending it crashing into a nearby garage. Ellie's presence really heightens the tension here, because as Joel, the player realizes he has a liability, someone to worry about other than himself.

The tension ratchets up even higher as the bandits seize Ellie when the pair tries to escape from the crashed truck. Joel pulls out his gun and fights it out with a handful of bandits in the dim garage, and the whole time I kept feeling the urgency of wanting to take out these guys and find Ellie. I won't spoil the encounter or the eventual reunion with Ellie, but the whole sequence is a wonderful example of how silence and stillness can sometimes be more interesting than fireballs and heavy soundtracks.


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