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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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Planetside 2

Sony Online Entertainment furthers its free-to-play goals with the MMOFPS, based on the progenitor of that specific genre. The persistent territory holding and resource gathering among your guild and faction, coupled with fast-paced shooter gameplay and vehicle piloting make for an impressive "free" game.

You can check out Sarah LeBoeuf's full preview of Planetside 2 here. There's no word on when Planetside 2 will be playable on PCs.

Sarah LeBoeuf: The developers were also excited to share the deep character customization found in PlanetSide 2. Each class had skills that would take hundreds of hours to unlock. Weapons and vehicles could be modified in varying ways. However, the microtransactions designed to fund the game will only be cosmetic. Players can unlock new weapons and upgrades just by earning then in-game, and pay for new skins or other modifications that won't actually give them more power. No one can pay their way into more powerful characters, which is really important for keeping the game balanced.

The map itself consisted of three empires trying to take control of every portion of the area, with each location constantly under contention. This made it easy to find something to do, though there were a lot of actions. I could hop a dropship, jump in a tank, or simply run on foot to the nearest enemy. In the final game, there could be hundreds of players working together to meet a single objective, yet playing PlanetSide 2 never felt chaotic.

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