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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 20:30
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Beyond: Two Souls

From Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dreams comes Beyond: Two Souls, a new action-adventure title featuring Ellen Page. The game features a young woman named Jodie Holmes, (voiced by Page), who's connected to an invisible and powerful entity known as Aiden and hunted by the police.

Read Sarah LeBoeuf's full preview of Beyond: Two Souls here. The game is expected to arrive later this year for the PS3.

Sarah LeBoeuf: Before showing off the gameplay, Cage took a few minutes to talk about working with Ellen Page, who plays Jodie Holmes in the game. Cage said that he wanted someone who could be strong as well as fragile, and Page fit the role perfectly. It was a demanding role-a lot of physical work, as opposed to just voice acting-but Quantic Dream were extremely happy with the job she's done as Jodie.

We were treated to a live demo of an action-driven scene, which began with Jodie asleep on a train. At the point, she was 23 years old and a fugitive, and the police were aware of her special abilities. Aiden, ever impatient, attempted to wake her up, but she shooed him away. Using a blast of sorts, Aiden playfully knocked coffee cups and magazines out of the hands of other passengers. Later, we saw the same blast used with much more deadly results.

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