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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 20:30
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Bethesda's latest IP made a big debut this spring with the Dishonored trailer, a world that appears to be a blend of fantasy, steampunk and dystopian genres. The game has a fantastic visual look and the gameplay elements strike a balance between stealth and action, which once you consider the game's pedigree - parts of the team worked on System Shock, Deus Ex and Half-Life - isn't surprising at all.

Read Steve Butts' full preview here. Because it's still early, Dishonored has no release date and we're not sure what platforms it will be for, but expect Xbox 360, PS3 and PC formats.

Steve Butts: The whole game is wonderfully emergent. You can outright kill the brothers, either by locking them in a steam room and opening the valves all the way, or possessing their bodies and walking them out on the balcony where your wind powers can push them over the rails. Or you could simply arrange it so that they end up anonymously working in the slave mines they run. Like Deus Ex, Dishonored gives the player a wide range of options to express themselves through gameplay. Are you a straight ahead death machine who relies on protective powers and firearms to accomplish your goals? Or do you like to sneak in and out without anyone ever knowing you were there?

We had a chance to play through a different level using some of these same concepts. My first playthrough was entirely stealthy and I even bypassed some of the obstacles the designers had assumed could not be bypassed. I can always tell a good open world game when it allows players to do things that the designers not only didn't intend, but also never considered were even possible. That the game permits that kind of freedom, to explore and use the tools in ways that aren't restricted by the level designer's intentions, is hugely attractive to me. My second playthrough, I decided to go for the direct approach but I soon found myself in way over my head and unable to use my powers to get myself out of trouble.


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