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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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Far Cry 3

There's a confluence of blood, action and sex in Far Cry 3. As if crash landing on an island weren't bad enough, the tropical jungle seems to be infested with crazy people who fondle their breasts at you. It's like Lost: After Hours, but the game has a lot more shooting and the protagonist can choose various methods for killing folk on his way to rescuing his girlfriend.

Read the rest of Mike Kayatta's preview here. Far Cry 3 comes out on September 4, 2012 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Mike Kayatta: In true Far Cry tradition, my furtive underwater entry was just one of what will eventually be multiple assault plans per mission. The demo, I was told, was much more of a "directed experience" than the final game.

At first, I ran haphazardly up the path, instantly meeting my doom from just two lousy thugs out for a smoke by the trees. Somewhat embarrassed, I tried again, this time with a tutorial on Far Cry 3's new multi-takedown mechanic. After creeping up on Thug One, I pressed the takedown button, and was then able to aim my joystick toward the next baddie I'd like to chain into my attack. A moment later, both were down without a bullet fired.


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