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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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Star Wars 1313

LucasArts used to be the king of making Star Wars games, being the primary license-holders after all. But somewhere along the line, original Star Wars games began to suffer, but perhaps 1313 is going to change all that. LucasArts demonstrated an impressive-looking game wherein you take the role of a bounty hunter descending below the Imperial capital of Coruscant. There's no Force, no Jedi and no Sith, just a criminal underworld in shades of grey. And it looks awesome.

Read the rest of Steve Butts' preview here. As it's still early in development, there's no release date planned or platform announced, but it certainly looks good enough to be "next-gen".

Steve Butts: Because LucasArts isn't quite ready to talk about the game's main character, the PC demo we saw used a placeholder hero, a youngish, slightly cynical, blaster-type who, even as a placeholder, was still more believable and human than 95% of the other characters we're used to seeing in games.

The new game is being developed with artists from Skywalker Sound, LucasFilm Animation, and Industrial Light and Magic. You can tell from the quality of the motion capture, the lighting, the effects, and the audio design that the production value of this game is well beyond anything that LucasArts has ever offered. While it's no great surprise to see the pre-rendered cutscenes of this quality, I was amazed that there's no drop in quality once the player takes control of the scene and it starts rendering everything in real time.

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