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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 20:30
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Darksiders II

Last time it was War, but in the sequel you play as another of the Four Horsemen - Death - who turns out to be a decent guy. He's trying to keep a balance by rescuing his brother from imprisonment by the Charred Council and has all the trappings of an action RPG to make it so. Those trappings have been streamlined and polished this second time around, so expect a game that won't disappoint fans of the first Darksiders.

Read the rest of Susan Arendt's preview here. Darksiders II will appear in stores on August 14, 2012 on Xbox 360, PC and PS3, with a Wii U port scheduled later in the year.

Susan Arendt: In addition to slicing his enemies into tiny pieces, Death is pretty agile when it comes to getting around. He can wall run, heave himself over wall posts to increase his travel distance, climb vines, leap from post to post, and hop across narrow beams. Pulling off his acrobatics is easy enough most of the time, but occasionally he'll get it into his head that you wanted him to leap out into nothingness instead of grabbing the next handhold, but falls are little more than a minor interruption as you'll typically be dropped back almost exactly where you were.

Darksiders II is massive (all of Darksiders would fit into the first zone of Darksiders II) and I only got to see a tiny snippet, but the action was fast and fluid, the art style nicely comicbooky, and the writing was a genuine surprise. The exchange between Death and The Crowfather as they bargain for information was quite engaging and made me want to know more about their history together. Of course then I had to go and fight War and things got a little messy.


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