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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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DMC: Devil May Cry

I can't really tell if this one is a reboot or a sequel, but it doesn't really matter when Dante's concerned. The angel-demon offspring is back to his old tricks, but the actin mechanics are fun and enjoyable. Add that together with a script that oozes with colorful expletives, and DMC might have a hit written all over it.

Read the rest of Mike Kayatta's preview here. DMC: Devil May Cry will be arriving in stores January 15, 2013 on Xbox 360 and PS3, with a PC version forthcoming.

Mike Kayatta: While in limbo, I was consistently attacked by a variety of enemies. To dispatch them, I found myself equipped with a solid assortment of options, from a heavy, aerial-centric strong attack, to a rapid, ranged dual-pistol assault, to a quick and dirty light sword slash. Making things more interesting was my ability to change that move set into an angel or demon mode, morphing my sword into a glowing sickle or blood-drenched hammer, respectively. Some of these moves shared similar foundation, though remained cleverly different.

For example, one of the enemies I faced was a squadron of little demon baby cherubs - unlikable little dudes who flew above me with a "ha, ha, we're up here"-type attitude. To deal with them, I used my chain attack. Depending on if I toggled my angel or demon powers, this could go one of two ways. With the angel button depressed, I shot a hookshot toward the little nasty, and connected with his head. The cherub stayed stationary, while I zipped up to his body across my chain and quickly put in my blows mid-air. For the second cherub, I did the same move, but with the demon button depressed instead. The same hookshot flew out, but this time, the baddie pulled back down to my location instead; a subtle difference, perhaps, but one that kept combat unique and option-heavy.


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