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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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Wonder Book: Book of Spells

Ever wanted to be a wizard, but sadly lacked the magical aptitude to summon even the smallest of fireballs? Then check out Wonderbook, an upcoming title for the PS3 and a companion piece to the world-famous Harry Potter series. Using the PlayStation Move, players can cast spells by drawing shapes and patterns and interact with the game's characters and creatures.

View Sarah LeBoeuf's full preview of Wonderbook here. The game is scheduled to arrive sometime this holiday season.

Sarah LeBoeuf: In the chapter I saw, the player had to fight off approaching scorpions, who were immune to the incendio fire spell. To keep them at bay, she used reducio, which made them small enough to fall through the grate and out of sight. Each spell has a unique movement associated with it, which requires using the Move controller to create the prerequisite shapes and lines. Later, the player used her knowledge to answer riddles when quizzed by a Sphinx, a creature familiar to Harry Potter fans.

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