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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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In a long-awaited reboot of Maxis' popular city building simulator, SimCity promises to redefine the series in a big way. From individual cars on a street to massive apartment complexes, everything in the game is connected and players will be tasked to organize and manage many aspects of their budding metropolis. Also included is a multiplayer component that lets players work together to share resource and work on group projects.

You can check out Steve Butts full preview here. SimCity is expected to arrive sometime in February of 2013.

Steve Butts:The new GlassBox engine includes all the wonderfully charming details you'd expect from a Maxis game. The whole world has a scale-model like feel, and the activity and animations help make it feel like a real place. Put down a residential district and you'll see construction trucks and moving vans swoop in to build the homes and fill them with people. Let too many problems slide and you'll also have picketers standing outside the courthouse. We even got to see one arsonist enter a building and set it on fire. Each city also has its own unique visual flair as well, so you might have a very different look for a city filled with blue-collar coal miners than you would with high-end tourists. Better still, some of the buildings even have Spore-like modules and upgrades, so you can fine tune your buildings to meet your exact needs.

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