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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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Rayman: Legends

If Nintendo is looking for a game franchise to offer third-party support behind the Wii U gamepad and "asynchronous play", they could do a lot worse than Rayman. Legends seems to "get it", with one player controlling Rayman with the Wii Remote while another assists with a little green bug creature by tapping on the touchscreen. The two players must communicate and work together well or Rayman simply can't progress.

Read the Mike Kayatta's full preview here. There's no word on whether Rayman: Legends is a launch title for the Wii U, or when the launch will even be.

Mike Kayatta: The hands-on demo began in a jungle, where Rayman attempted to do something pretty common in these types of games: get from the left side of the map to the right. Along the way, I (in the role of Mr. Bugface) helped clear away bushes hiding doors, chop vines that dangled log bridges out of Rayman's reach, and lifted baddies by their ankles to drop them ignominiously on their heads. Each of these actions were performed by swiping my finger across the controller's touchscreen, not by using the buttons.

With relative ease, we soon reached a castle-type area, where Rayman became faced with traversing a series of death wheels, each packed with a maze of small platforms and spikes. My character, Greeny McBuggerson (I decided on a name change around this point), was tasked with spinning the wheel while Rayman was inside of it, a daunting trial of teamwork. If I spun it too much or too little, the other player would be tossed into the spikes and we'd need to start over. If he jumped, or even moved without consulting me, we'd face the same consequence. Each section required a great deal of communication to prevail.

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