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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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Jet Set Radio Vita

The classic Dreamcast title Jet Set Radio returns, casting you as a young skater looking to extend your gang's influence in Tokyo by spraying graffiti anywhere and everywhere you can all while dodging the police and their increasingly ambitious attempts to stop you.

Check out Susan Arendt's full preview of Jet Set Radio Vita here.

Susan Arendt: It takes a lot of work to make it it look like you haven't done anything to a cherished game from days gone by but bring it to a new platform. If all Sega had done to Jet Set Radio was shove the Dreamcast version into the Vita, its age definitely would've shown, especially when it came to the game's distinctive cel-shaded visuals. But Sega wisely took the time to tidy things up, and as a result ... it looks like all they did was shove the Dreamcast version into the PlayStation Vita - which is to say the game from your memory shows up perfectly on the screen.

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