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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 20:30
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The Unfinished Swan

In indie game The Unfinished Swan, you play as a young orphan named Monroe who's drawn into a mysterious world through one of his mother's unfinished paintings. The landscape itself is barren white, and players need to use blobs of black paint to reveal their surroundings.

You can read Susan Arendt's full preview of The Unfinished Swan here.

Susan Arendt: Once you begin throwing blobs of black paint, the world reveals itself as each splatter outlines a bit of hallway, a bench, or a frog leaping into a nearby pond. You have to be somewhat judicious about how much paint you sling and where, though - slosh too much around and subtle detail will be lost in the flood. Maneuvering through that first chapter of The Unfinished Swan is a lot like feeling your way through an unfamiliar house in the dark, as you tentatively progress up staircases, past bamboo thickets and through a gate.

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