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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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The Cave

The Cave is a new adventure title being developed by Double Fine studios. Featuring a wide cast of characters with their own special abilities and goals, players have to co-ordinate their hand-picked team of explorers to explore and solve puzzles deep within the The Caves titular location.

Check out Susan Arendt's full preview of The Cave here. The game is expected to arrive sometime in early 2013.

Susan Arendt's: Although the characters play just about identically, each character has an area of the cave that is special to their personal story unique ability that you'll need to enter it. The knight, for example, has the Guardian Angel ability, which allows him to withstand damage and falls that would kill other characters; without that special feat, you won't be able to enter the castle. That means you'll have to play through The Cave with all seven characters if you want to fully explore its many twists and turns.

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