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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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Tokyo Jungle

Set ten years after the disappearance of humanity, you play as one of the many animals left behind and struggling for survival in an abandoned Tokyo. Players can pick from Pomeranians, hyenas, or even a tyrannosaur in their effort to find food, a mate, and the truth behind humanity's absence.

Read Susan Arendt's full preview of Tokyo Jungle here. The game is currently out in Japan, with no word on a European or American release.

Susan Arendt: Your goal in the game is basic survival - find food, defend yourself against predators, and avoid toxins as you strive to live just one more year. I saw the pomeranian in action as he snuck up on bunnies before pouncing and ripping their throats out. Your hunger is constant in Tokyo Jungle, and if it drops too low, it will start impacting your health. Go too long without a meal and you're a goner for sure, so it doesn't pay to be too picky. Sure, that baby chick is little more than a mouthful, but it'll help you keep going a bit longer, so down the hatch!

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