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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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Joe Danger: The Movie

Joe Danger: The Movie has players suit up as Joe Danger, legendary Hollywood stuntman in a interesting mix of racing and platforming through various action movie scenes.

You can check out Sarah LeBoeuf's full preview of Joe Danger: The Movie here . The game is expected to hit XBLA sometime this fall.

Sarah LeBoeuf: Joe Danger: The Movie includes a level editor called the Toybox that aims to be robust but intuitive, fun and easy to use. There are tons of options - you can create a snow level and make an avalanche, make Joe a paperboy, put a monkey on a unicycle - but the developers wanted to create a level editor that was as enjoyable as the game itself. Players will be able to upload and share their created levels, and they can make single-player or multiplayer tracks. And to show gamers how it's done, the developers will be regularly uploading their own user-created tracks.

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