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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 20:30
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Hitman Absolution

Everyone was a twitter (literally) about the latest Hitman trailer, killing latex bedecked nuns and all. But could the gameplay of Agent 47 assassinating live up to the hype? Some newly imagined mechanics for the series, like an intuition bar and the accumulation of insight points, attempt to breathe fresh life into the bald guy's repertoire. And, you can shoot a carpload of dudes. So there's that, too!

Read the full preview from Mike Kayatta here. Hitman Absolution will be gracing store shelves November 20, 2012 in the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 formats.

Mike Kayatta: Square Enix showed us a lengthy mission before we went hands on, showcasing many of the new, or newly imagined, mechanics of Hitman: Absolution. Perhaps the most intriguing is 47's "intuition mode" a meter filled by performing various skillful tasks in dispatching with those unfortunate enough to be in your way. Players snatch points by handling things discreetly and efficiently, boosting score by hiding bodies, finding clever ways to utilize the environment, and making things look like an accident. By working well with what's at your disposal, you'll be able to trigger your instinct, a currency optionally spent in various quantity to pull off some significant tricks.

It wouldn't really be Hitman if it was all about the gunplay, however, and Absolution is no different. Each environment provides a glorious number of options to waste your enemies, from standard weapons, such as a knife or blunt object, to special environmental triggers, such as a leaky gas pipe or convenient forth-story ledge.


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