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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 16:30
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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse stars Family Guy characters Stewie and Brian as they travel across ten different universes to fight against Stewie's evil twin brother.

Check out on Steve Butts' full preview of Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse here.

Steve Butts: Players can switch freely between Brian or Stewie, or even play both in local-only co-op. Brian's weapons, like the sniper rifle and 9mm pistol, are usually fairly realistic, while Stewie's gadgets include laser pistols and grenades made out of full diapers. As an added bonus, the diapers can be ignited once they explode to literally add injury to insult. Some of the other weapons and tools are drawn from the show, from Stewie's golf club melee weapon to the giant chicken, which hatches out of an egg and then runs around beating the crap out of people.

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