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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 20:30
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Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Rev up your engines! Need for Speed: Most Wanted offers up an intense racing experience as players pick their favorite hot rod or sports car and compete to see who can rack up the best time. Just watch out for the police and pedestrians.

You can check out Mike Kayatta's full preview of Need For Speed: Most Wanted here .

Mike Kayatta: Jump in a car, and start driving. Explore, race, speed, or piss off the cops; do whatever you want in the city sandbox, and the gameplay elements come to you. You can meet up with some friends by the pier to begin a makeshift street race, or simply speed through the major intersections, letting traffic light snapshots catch your maximum speed and instantly spit out a comparison to your friends. The whole of the game seems to work like this, non-invasive, no-pressure elements that never beg you to explore them, yet remain ready to provide you an experience if you choose to.

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