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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 20:30
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Crysis 3

In the next Crysis, you take on the role of Prophet, a character introduced in the first game and a somewhat antagonist in the second. You still battle through the streets of New York City, but now it's in ruin and overgrown so that the setting of Crysis 3 feels like a mashup between the city and the island jungle of the first game. In addition to the CrySuit, there's new toys like a compound bow for some sweet Hawkeye action, and the ability to use alien Ceph technology.

Read Steve Butts' full preview here. Crysis 3 will drop in early 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Steve Butts: there are some new toys to play with as well. My favorite is the new compound bow. This really ramps up my view of Prophet as a sort of urban hunter, leaping from building to building and going into stealth mode to line up the perfect kill shot on a nearby alien. The best part about the bow is that it doesn't break stealth when you use it, so you can really do some serious damage up close and personal without ever really tipping off the enemies. A range of inventive arrow types, from explosive to electrical, give you even more options to tackle the challenge in front of you.

The nanosuit has also been upgraded with Ceph technology, which means you'll have a chance to finally pick up and use some of the cooler alien weapons you stumble upon in the game. Being able to turn the enemies' weapons back on them is almost as fun as taking them out with the bow.


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