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The Escapist Staff | 8 Jun 2012 20:30
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Borderlands 2

The fun randomized loot and the last-second art direction change to a cell-shaded feel, made Borderlands a breakout hit in 2009. This year, Gearbox attempt to bounce back from the terrible Duke Nukem by giving fans more of the sci-fi western shooteriness they fell in love with. New classes and new characters doesn't overshadow the familiar formula of messing up bad guys, equip better loot, rinse, repeat. That doesn't mean it ain't fun, because the robot Clap Trap and the rest of cast have some really good lines.

Read Mike Kayatta's full preview here. Borderlands 2 is due out in the US September 18, 2012, and September 21 in the UK, for Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC.

I played a match entitled "Opportunity Zero" and, by complete coincidence, chose to play as person named Zero as well (a hologram-happy assassin with a nasty katana). I hopped in with my teammate (who played for literally thirty seconds before abandoning me to face the robotic hordes alone) and was immediately told by Clap Trap to get working on destroying four statues depicting some guy named Handsome Jack, who apparently has your phone number (he speaks to you from remote every minute or so).

After taking one shot at a statue, you discover that, of course, the statues are completely bullet-proof because, well, that's how statues are made on Pandora. I guess. They aren't, however, laser-proof (duh), so the mission quickly becomes "find a robot and protect it as it lasers various effigies of Jack, while Jack abuses your speakerphone with snarkicisms."

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