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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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Saint's Row IV takes the insanity of its predecessors and cranks it up to 11. After being elected President of the United States, players will have to fend off an alien invasion, wield black-hole launching weapons, and beat the crap out of any poor schmuck who gets in your way with your newly-found superpowers.

You can check out Sarah LaBoeuf's full preview of Saint's Row IV here:

My first mission in Saints Row IV was "The Saints Wing," the first part of the game after the player becomes President. As you might expect when a gang member is voted leader of the free world, the White House looks a little... different. There are people playing cards at casino tables, scantily-clad ladies sporting the Saints' signature purple, and some suspicious-looking substances being inhaled. As I made my way to a press conference, I was confronted with some important executive decisions. Should I cure cancer or wipe out world hunger? Should I hit some tool ranting about filibusters high or low? A leader's job is never done.

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