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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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Capcom's remastered version of the classic DuckTales NES title from the late 80's aims to bring back all of the nostalgic gameplay of the original with newly designed, vivid 2.5D environments and voice acting. It's almost like playing an episode out of the TV show!

Read up on the new adventures of Scrooge and company with Sarah Leboeuf's preview:

As platformers go, DuckTales is pretty simple; walking and jumping made up the majority of the level's gameplay. Additionally, Scrooge can swing his cane to knock objects out of the way (or into foes), and use it to get a jump boost, which also works well as an attack. The level I played had a few moving minecart segments, which required fast thinking-and ducking-to stay alive. Rescuing each nephew required fighting one of the disguised Beagles, which got progressively harder with more and more enemy ghosts floating about the screen.

Where DuckTales really stands out is the presentation, which is sure to make every nostalgic child of the 80's smile. The character sprites are beautiful and look true to the franchise. The artwork is gorgeous. I didn't experience much variety in environments, only having played one level, but I'd certainly like to see more.

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