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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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Quantum Break has players scramble to prevent disaster after a failed experiment has led to a massive fracture in time at Riverport University. The game promises to include an episode story line that will change based on the actions and decisions that players make.

The Escapist's own Susan Arendt has more in her preview:

You will encounter different "junctions in time," and your choices at those turning points will in part determine how the TV show progresses. Interestingly, Paul, the villain of Quantum Break is the character who will be making those choices.Given how little we know about the plot or his motivations, it's tough to know how letting the bad guy choose your future will impact the overall storytelling of the game, but it's an unexpected twist on picking your path forward.

The game will ship with the entire show complete, but will provide different experiences depending on your junction point choices, among other things. "We have not set out to write a Choose Your Own Adventure," says Lake, but rather "one powerful story told many ways." Watching the show will also give you clues about the gameplay, perhaps providing hints about how to proceed, or giving insight to a character's motivations.

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