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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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Indie horror game Outlast sends players to the Mount Massive Asylum, where something sinister has been happening behind the scenes. Players are reliant on their camera's night vision mode to navigate the darkened corridors, where they are most assuredly not alone.

Read up on Outlast with Susan Arendt's full preview here:

The game makes a point of reminding you that Miles is a journalist, not a fighter, and that running and hiding is his best plan for survival should something dangerous head his way. Sticking up for journalists everywhere...yeah, ok, that's totally true. I investigated a few dark hallways of Mount Massive as the fantastic background did its best to freak me right on out. Once the mysterious groans and gurgles started, I just wanted to find the nearest door out, but the front door is locked, so the only way forward is through the facility's maze-like corridors.

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