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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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Murdered: Soul Suspect has players take on the role of Ronan, a recently deceased detective out to solve his own murder. Check out AJ Glasser's full preview here for more info:

Ronan cannot touch things in the real world, nor speak to the living, but he can possess people that are already touching or holding things he wants to investigate (e.g. like a notebook held by an investigating officer). He can also use possession to eavesdrop on conversations or trigger memories in potential witnesses that are having trouble with their recollection of events. Possession also comes in handy when entering buildings - because part of the fiction of the world is that all buildings in Salem are consecrated so that spirits cannot go into them unless a door is opened.

Once all clues in an area have been gathered - he fell from the fourth story of an apartment, was shot with his own gun, and his killer was familiar with the area), Ronan must make a deduction. This happens when the player uses a menu to arrange the clues the sequence they happened. If done correctly, the next scene of investigation becomes obvious (the apartment) and the game moves forward.

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