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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 13:00
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After a six year hiatus, Phoenix Wright is back in court with Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies with a new law office, a new sidekick, and new cases to successfully litigate.

Learn more with Sarah Leboeuf's preview here:

After a mysterious long absence that likely refers to the events of Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright has returned with a new law office. He's got a new protégé, rookie defense attorney Athena Cykes, who's sporting a wacky hairstyle and bright yellow outfit that fits right into the game's bizarro version of a real courtroom. Aside from Athena, there are a lot of familiar faces: an injured Apollo wants to make sure Phoenix gets justice; Prosecutor Payne returns to convict Phoenix's presumably falsely accused client; and even the Judge is happy to see that Phoenix is back.

In this particular case, a young woman named Juniper has been accused of setting off a bomb in the courtroom, which is how Apollo Justice received his injuries. As Juniper's childhood friend, Athena is certain she's innocent, and it's up to Phoenix to prove it using courtroom testimony and submitted evidence.

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