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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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Takedown: Red Saber is an upcoming tactical shooter being developed by indie developer Serellan for XBLA and Steam.

Our own Joshua Vanderwall has more:

The game is as brutal and unforgiving as a realistic shooter ought to be. If you survive a hit, your health won't regen. If you die, you stay dead through the rest of the mission, following a teammate in spectator mode. This is the case in every game mode, be it Tango Hunt, where you're hunting down enemy combatants, or Tac Defend, where you're defending a point or object. There are currently a number of game modes, but the team is planning to distill them down to just a handful for release to ensure that every game mode is as perfectly balanced as possible.

The game is mission based, rather than story based, so the focus of the game is squarely on gameplay and tactics, rather than characters or plot. There are no item unlocks, since you're playing as a team of elite soldiers, you have an arsenal at the ready, and you just choose what you want for the mission at hand. You'll need to be careful what loadout you choose, however, as a wide open map will likely want a long-range rifle, rather than a less-accurate SMG.[/quote]

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