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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 13:00
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Pokemon X and Y is the latest game in the long-running Pokemon series, introducing a new type of Pokemon along with several new features and battle types.

Check out AJ Glasser's round table preview here:

  • The Nintendogs-like Pokemon-Amie includes a feature from the 3DS camera and motion sensor to increase the feel of communication with your Pokemon - they might mimic your motions if you lean back or tilt your head a certain way. The relationship building also contributes to more critical hits in battle and other strategic advantages.
  • New battle types include Horde Encounters, which make it harder to capture wild Pokemon because you must to defeat more than one to win the battle. There are also Sky Battles for flying Pokemon that unlock specific air attacks. Non-flying Pokemon with the levitate ability can also join Sky Battles.
  • They are not yet confirming the new number of Pokemon.
  • Fairy type is meant to balance out the over-powered Dragon type, it is the first new type in 14 years.
  • They are exploring ways to allow players to transfer Pokemon from previous games.
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