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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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The next installment in the Total War series takes players back to Rome, where they can engage in large-scale tactical battles on both land and the sea.

You can read this preview by "Caeser" Greg Tito for more info:

First, we got an overview of the new strategic map from one of the developers. The playable area stretches from Spain to Afghanistan and the flora and fauna viewable on the 3D map itself changes based on where you are. Egypt and the Middle East are yellow and brown, with dunes and palm trees and elephants. The cities match the culture's architecture, and improvements you build instantly grow in front of you on the map. Wonders like the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Pyramids at Giza dominate your view, and they also provide buffs to your empire and units within the province.

There's also the addition of politics within the Roman empire, with three house vying for control and influence - a system some players may remember from Rome Total War. The politics screen shows various personages and generals, and you can use specific actions from this screen to take care of potential threats to your dominance. The example shown in the demo was Cicero, a Roman Senator that has been giving speeches against Caesar's reign, and we had the option to discredit him to decrease his influence. Of course, assassination is also an option. Sorry, Cicero, you're dead. Insert Game of Thrones reference here.

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