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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 13:00
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Defiance is an MMO developed in conjunction with a SyFy TV series of the same name. Greg Tito has a preview of an upcoming DLC pack here:

[quote]The Castithan - if you're not familiar with the TV show - are a race of pale aliens the other races view as arrogant or aloof, and they have a rigid caste system and social structure. The comparison to common depictions of Elves is apt - even the developer running me through the new content admitted space elves is what they refer to them as around the office. As a new playable race in Defiance, you don't gain any special abilities but you will have access to a specific questline that will give you more insight to the lore surrounding them.

Also added to the game from this pack are light sabers, er, charge blades. These melee weapons look pretty cool with a stylized blade of light, and can certainly be effective if an enemy gets close enough to you, while also providing special AOE jump attacks. Like other weapons in Defiance, you can modify and specialize charge blades to your exacting standards, including changing the color of the blade.</qoute>

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