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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 13:00
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Company of Heroes 2 takes players to the brutal Russian front of World War II.

Check out Greg Tito's hands-on preview here:

Artillery and armor definitely factor in your plans. You have mortar teams that can take over German emplacements and use the weapons against the previous owners. Engineer squads can also repair damaged equipment, such as the few APCs I had with me to start the mission. Tanks are a bitch to take down with just rifle fire, so I had to save my own armor or artillery for a Panzer attack.

The long cooldown abilities like air strikes were extremely powerful. A well-timed strafe could stymie a German advance supported by Panzers almost single-handedly. Reinforcements come slow too, so it's important to watch for when the cooldown was finished. Having a steady stream of troops available was the only way I was going to win.

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