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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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The latest in the long-running Call of Duty franchise, COD: Ghosts takes players to a post-apocalyptic United States, where a mysterious event has wrecked the countryside.

As a member of a US spec-ops team, players will explore the ruins of San Diego, California, repel down South American skyscrapers, and assault enemy positions with a canine companion named Riley.

Check out Greg Tito's full preview here for more details on the upcoming title.

Next up was another slow assault, this time from atop a sky scraper in a South American city. Whatever happened to the U.S., hasn't happened here, so the Ghost squad is clearly looking for payback. Using cable launchers, you rappel down the glass and steel building to take out heavily armed guards without you even knowing you are there. It's a little laughable that a single line a dialogue - "The lights inside will prevent them from seeing us" - explains why the guards don't notice the attacks before it comes, but it is just a presentation. This whole sequence also focused on stealth, with the team needing to get to a computer terminal to hack in some stuff before the whole building starts to blow up and collapse. Yep, you are in the building when it starts to fall. Crazy.

Finally, we go under the sea, but there's no singing lobsters here. Just sharks. And guys with guns. The Ghost squad again has to sneakily swim around a salvage yard below the waves to take out an enemy ship with a hand-launched torpedo. The whole sequence is way different from anything you've played in COD before. With 3 dimensions, cover is meaningless if the enemy is above you. As your squadmate brother tells you, bullets don't travel as fast underwater so it's necessary to use a lot more fire to take down a single enemy.[quote]

Greg also had the opportunity to speak with the writer behind Ghosts:

[quote]When Activision announced Stephen Gaghan - screenwriter of the Oscar-winning film Traffic - was writing Ghosts, a lot of people were impressed with his credentials. But the truth is Infinity Ward has worked with Oscar-winning Hollywood writers before and the process hasn't been that fruitful for the videogame studio. They have a few meetings, submit a few scripts, and that's it. In contrast, Stephen Gaghan has been completely hands-on in the formation of Ghosts' story and wants to be a vital part of the team for the simple challenge of being able to express himself in a new medium.

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