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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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The Puppeteer is an upcoming fantasy adventure title that has players quest to defeat a bear that has stolen a magic crystal and declared himself king. Did I mention your soul is trapped in a puppet?

You can read Susan Arendt's full preview here:

The Puppeteer is presented like a puppet show, complete with sets that fly in and out, curtains, and even applause from the audience. You play as a child-turned-puppet with the unique and surprisingly handy ability to collect and carry different kinds of heads, which is not nearly as gruesome as it sounds. Each head has its own special kind of magic, and can impact the world in different ways whenever you see a matching icon. Pop on the spider head when you see a spider icon, for example, and a giant mama spider might bundle you up in silk and whisk you away to a bonus level. Swap to the cheeseburger head at the appropriate moment, and a giant cheeseburger will appear on screen and act like an enormous trampoline. The banana head (which I like to wear simply because it's hilarious) spreads slippery banana peels that can trip up enemies. You can only carry a few heads at a time, and picking up a new one replaces one of the ones you already had, but there are about 100 different heads throughout the game.

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