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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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Daylight is a horror game being developed by Atlus.

Our horror expert Susan Arendt has more details here:

Written by Jessica Chobot (who also provided the voice work for the protagonist), Daylight is designed to be played over and over, with each play session revealing a few new secrets about the story and your surroundings. Once your cell phone battery dies, so do you, assuming a ghost doesn't get to you first. The longest play session you can manage is about 45 minutes, but 10 or 15 minute runs are pretty typical.

Though you'll never be sure exactly what you'll encounter on each playthrough, there will be a some constants, such as a sealed door that needs a particular totem to unlock. Once you've cleared an area, you'll move on to the next location, and future playthroughs will start from there, so you're not stuck playing through the same hospital for all of eternity. You'll spend your sessions exploring your environment, unlocking doors, collecting items, and finding weird stuff like glyphs on the wall, which might help you figure out what's going on, or may just freak you out. Maybe both. Probably both. You have a compass on your phone to help you find your way around, but your footprints will remain faintly on the floor wherever you've been, which is a big help for those of us who get turned around easily.

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