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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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Hit the treacherous high seas as an assassin/pirate in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

For an in-depth look at AC IV< check out AJ Glasser detailed preview:

Boats are what Black Flag brings to the Assassin's Creed franchise. Assassin's Creed III first introduced the concept of sailing, exploring and attack with a ship - but Black Flag builds out this feature and adds new ship types, the ability to board and capture vessels, and a fleet-building mechanic where captured ships can be sent out on off-screen missions to bring back plunder than can be spent upgrading Edward's ship, the Jackdaw. While in command of a ship, players can give a handful of orders to Edward's crew - including one to take shelter when the Jackdaw is under fire.

The producer sailed after the smuggler and demoed the now-familiar long shot cannon and swivel gun attacks on the smuggler's ship. By damaging the ship just enough to cripple it (say, by knocking down the mast), he was able to pull up alongside it and order his crew to board and attack. This is where recruiting becomes important - the more crew Edward has, the more quickly they can dispatch the opposing crew of a ship (a minimum number must be killed before they rest will surrender). During the course of the game, Edward's crew can be killed at sea in many ways - meaning he has to replenish his crew pretty consistently, or get better about telling them to take cover during naval engagements.

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