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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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Set in the decline of the Roman empire, Ryse: Son of Rome has you play as Marius, a general in the Roman Legions as he leads his army against the barbarian hordes.

Check out Greg Tito's full preview of Ryse here:

The visuals of combat feels fluid, and the animations are all spectacular in detail. You use the A button to bring up a shield, and you can alternate between sword attacks with your gladius and a sweeping attack with the shield. Once you've delivered enough blows on your hapless barbarian enemies, a prompt appears for you to press a specific button to unleash a killing animation. You don't actually have to press the right button though, as mashing anything still seems to do the job of spilling Germanic blood.

I asked the demonstrator why that was, and he said if you hit the right sequence you'll gain more experience and/or life but the design intent wasn't for combat to be like a quick-time event. For that I was thankful, but it still didn't feel very fun. I felt like I was messing up the whole time, even if I was able to defeat my foes pretty easily.

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