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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 13:00
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Command & Conquer is a relaunch of the classic RTS series, a sequel to 2003's Generals.

Our master strategist Greg Tito has more:

The first task was to build up my base. Command & Conquer abandons the tiberium collection and cooldown reinforcements of previous iterations to adopt a Warcraft III like model. The maps are dotted with piles of supplies, and you build a supply depot to harvest them to provide gold. Supply depots make helicopters to lift the freight cartons back and forth - 3 is the optimal number per depot.

Once my economy was going, I used my command center to build bulldozers, the only units that can build other buildings. I had to drop power plants to expand the limits of where I could place defensive structures like turrets or unit producers like barracks or war factories. My RTS experience let me queue up multiple tasks, and set rally points like a boss, but soon I was being invaded with tanks and troops by the aggressive A.I. My rocket troops repulsed the tank, but just barely.

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