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The Escapist Staff | 11 Jun 2013 17:00
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A "game maker", Project Spark lets players make their own content within the XBox One.

For a full preview, read up on Greg Tito's article here:

There's a huge library of objects you can place from the rocks of the demo to taverns, barrels, birds or NPCs like goblins. Every object has default AI behavior - called its "brain" - but that can be altered and tweaked however you want. For example, the birds have the behavior programmed to fly away when the player's avatar walks near. Jerome showed me how he could enter a goblin's brain, and paste on the bird template. Jumping into play mode, the goblin did in fact fly away when approached, which honestly looked a bit silly. You can add multiple triggers for AI behaviors, and then of course save those templates for easy use.

The whole UI is complex, with millions of permutations available, but Jerome said that usability was a huge focus for the team. All the tweaks I mentioned above are accessible through radial menus or lists with clear icons denoting exactly what you are tweaking. I could see myself certainly paralyzed by the options, but at least it's clear enough to begin experimenting with some idea of what you're doing.

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